We are businessmen, founders, fathers, explorers, family men.

P1000255DSC00109All of our children where born in China. We love China.

We where luckier than the children today. Money was literally too tight to mention, we had only the blue sky as a limit and took off to conquer the world.

Today, our kids where masks, we are frightfully checking their food and the origin of it. We are concerned about the water they take their baths in and when they fall down in a park, we clean their hands as we dont know how clean the earth is.

Fear does not work. Guilt does not work. Blaming is a waste of time. If we where to blame someone, we would always start with ourselves.

IMG_1670So here we are, joining into the Central Governments drive to push pollution back to realistic levels. China for long was the center of more. More of everything was the slogan, and quite understandably so. We just came out of poverty, at times extreme poverty. When you fight for food you dont necessarily look at the things you create as by products.

Now, China does. Our culture was not always looking at expansion, it actually is much more known for looking at excellence. Silk, ceramics, spray paint and lots of other fine things have their origin in China. Not necessarily pollution.

We are a proven team of startup agents. We all are entrepreneurs with over 15 years of friendship, cooperation and back to back operations in China. We are determined to move ahead with our Partner BAUER Resources, whom we are honestly pround to cooperate with.

Cleaning up China is not necessarily something we have to do. It is something which is necessary to be done. And so we do it, our part of it.