Mine Rescue

IMG-20160129-WA0035Together with BAUER AG, lifes where saved in China.

Bauer sent special equipment to the mine in order to help the trapped miners being served with lifes necessities as well as to finally help them escape their month long horror.

We, the Green China team is very proud of the efforts of our partner, BAUER AG, and all the involved parties to save the lives of the people who work under hardest conditions in order to fuel our modern lifestyle!

BAUER developed special equipment to save trapped miners’ lifes. rbt90_1Here is a link with details to the product. Once more you can see that this German company is far beyond standard and tries, quietly and diligently to push the frontiers of technology further ahead. To the best of all for us, 225 year of experience!

BAUER is in China since many years and not only took part in building some of the countries monumental milestones of development but also trained staff, took active part in developing the society and we all are very happy to say that BAUER is a company that makes us very proud to work for.

The pictures are from BAUER and please follow this link to read more about the machines which saved the miners and this one for the news on the plant in Tianjin (picture below, both (c) by BAUER AG).

山东平邑矿工获救 首次通过大口径钻孔救援成功