Ping-e1430475250674Pingshan Ye

a true Shanghai gentleman – more than 10 years with Schweizer and the reliable heart and soul of administration of complex business endeavours.

Pingshan studied in New Zealand, where he worked as a dishwasher to cover his daily expense and upon return to Shanghai opened his own company. Something he never stopped doing: being an entrepreneur.

But he also is a brilliant team player. Well experienced in infrastructure projects where he was the mastermind of administration in Schweizer China Soltuions Railway Business.


IMG_1898Bill Wang

multi entrepreneur, having set up the largest plastic company of China, a stainless steel company and before those a international textile trading operation, he still is completely restless in searching new adventures.

Adventures that make sense to mankind, that make sense to his daughter Han Lu and to his being a resposible Chinese citizen who does not hide himself behind paycheck charity but walks his way, takes his share (and much more than that).

Bill is by birth a production expert. As a business man he is worldwide successfull. As a member of the board of Schweizer, he helped us come to life.


Rong Gu gurong

a brave selfmade businesswoman who was born in the North Eastern town Harbin and made her fortune as a teenager, when China started to open its doors and welcome entrepreneurs.

She is the winggirl of our customers, helping them do optimize their business experience with us.




Daojing Zhou

a young engineer from the outmost West, Xinjiang. We are happy to have her on board, one ofe the young generation environmental engineers with training in the UK – and here to make her home green again!



Rudolf Messner

former boss of Henkel China, Schwarzkopf China and a China expert since 1987. He is more than any of us engaged in Green Products, Green Business, owning operations related to it.




Yuxin Zhang

he was one of the first chinese top managers of a German Dax company and a board member of Schweizer since its founding days. Brilliant sales & marketing expert, running several own operations in construction and consumer goods.



Daniel Schweizer

entrepreneur since age 17. Having started in India as a young schoolboy in print and network technologies (we talk 1994) he moved to China in 1997 and started his work there. Daniel loves doing business, he loves people doing business and he loves China.


+ friends

as usual, our good spirits, secretaries, sources, inspirations and our old taskforce of retired experts is with us. All those people who open their whole lifes experience up for us so many times, happily with us on the road to a new big project, a new frontier, a new thing that simply needs to be done and will be.